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   1.  How do we start fundraising towards our $3500 minimum goal?

  • Activate and customize your fundraising page. If you haven’t set that up and need help, contact justin@thebattlewithin.org

  • Ask your teammates to fill out their own page, within your team. The hope is that EVERYONE on your team raises as much money as they can!

  • Send out your custom donation link to every aunt, uncle, neighbor, co-worker, and even to your company because they may want to match what you raise!

  • You can also have people mail checks to: 

    • The Battle Within P.O. Box 2878, Olathe, KS 66063

    • EIN: 83-2379887

   2.  What time should my team show up? 

Please arrive no later than 30 minutes before your registered time. We simply cannot emphasize this enough. You don’t want to miss a second of the fun! 

    2.  Who are we playing, what time do we start, and how long will it last?

Check out the schedule here. Your whole experience will be three hours wiffle bliss. 

    3.  Where do we check-in? 

Enter on the West Gate nearest Loose Park. See aerial pix. Address: 239 W 52nd Street, Kansas City MO 64112


    4.  Where do we park? 

Look for a spot at Loose Park. If not there, then you may park in the neighborhood but please be careful to not block driveways, etc.

   5.  What’s the basic “flow” of things? 

Your and another team will be led through 4 “stations” throughout your three-hour experience. See below to learn more about each station.

Four Stations of Whimsy and Fun!

   1.  Registration

Enter the stadium from the west entrance on Wornall rd. Be sure to register to enter your chance to win 2 crown tickets for a 2021 Royals game!

   2. Warm ups 

Head over to the batting cages to get in some swings, streach up and hear that epic pep talk your team captain has been preparing.

   3. Game Time! 

This is what we train for! Bring your A game for the Home Run Derby and Wiffle Pinball!

   4. Post Game Festivities

Grab a frosty beer, some Ploughboys BBQ and enjoy the bragging rights you earned on the field. Mr. Wiffley and Rex Hudler will preside over the award ceremony to crown the winning team, MVP and more!


   6.  Can we bring friends and family? 

We are excited that friends and family are able to come and watch this year! Please note that this could change if county, city, or state covid mandates dictate. If we are forced to limit attendance in order to play ball, we will update you through your team captain.


   7.  Are we provided uniforms? 

Not this year. Instead, we are encouraging teams to whip up their own, old-school backyard style. So grab a cheap t-shirt, a sharpie, tube socks, and some duct tape. The goal is whimsy and creativity, not cost. Something perhaps like these two examples .


   8.  How are you taking Covid precautions? 

We ask that you bring your mask and we will also have some available. We will be monitoring CDC and city guidelines to ensure continued compliance.

  9.  What are the Home Run Derby and Wiffle Pinball Rules? 

Click here for the scoop!

  10.  What should I bring? 

Other than your fun and whimsical uniforms, you mean? In short, you really don’t need to bring a thing. That’s the beauty of Wiffle! We’ll have your bats, balls, and eyeblack.  But, since we know you’ll ask: 

  • Send out your custom donation link to every aunt, uncle, neighbor, co-worker, and even to your company because they may want to match what you raise!

  • Send out your custom donation link to every aunt, uncle, neighbor, co-worker, and even to your company because they may want to match what you raise!  

  • Yes, you may bring your own plastic bat but it must be plastic like this 

  • Tennis shoes, cross trainers, or rubber-soled cleats/turf shoes are fine 

  • If you haven’t wiffled in awhile, Icy Hot wouldn’t be a bad idea either


  11.  What is your weather policy?

We will monitor the weather throughout the weekend. In general, we will play through light rain and wind but, of course, each player is responsible to decide for themselves based on their own individual comfort level. Anything more significant such as lightning will require weather delays. If we are forced to cancel due to inclement weather, new COVID restrictions, or any other unforeseen reason there will not be a reschedule date for 2021 but will set our sights on 2022. 


  12.  In the event of a cancellation, what is your refund policy?

Since this is a charity event that supports such an essential cause, all donations will still go towards supporting our military veterans, first responders, and frontline medical personnel. If you’d like to request a refund, please email Justin Hoover, the Executive Director at The Battle Within at justin@thebattlewithin.org.


  13.  What is your alcohol policy? 

Beer will be provided at our poolside reception. Please do not bring your own adult beverages nor consume alcohol while on the Wiffle field. That little white plastic ball can be hard enough to hit on its own sometimes. :-)